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Reverse Mortgage Coluld Be an Answer For Many Seniors Needing More Cash Quickly

Seniors, age 62 and older who are looking for money for any reason may just find themselves sitting on it. Thousands of seniors every month are cashing in on the equity in their homes by doing reverse mortgages. It may be the best way for seniors to get cash without paying income tax on the […]

Megaupload Founder Kim Dotcom’s Mansion Raided by FBI,SWAT for Copyright Infringement (video)

‘Kim Dot Com’, Megaupload Founder Was Barricaded in Room with Shotgun Before Police Arrested Him

This story gets more strange as it goes. The larger than life Kim Schmitz, aka Kim Dot com was arrested last Thursday on copyright infringement and theft violations on his website. We are not sure how many people knew […]