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Former Rutgers Student Gets 30 Days for Webcam Spying on Roommate

The former Rutgers University student convicted of using a webcam to spy on his roommate has been sentenced to 30 days in jail after rejecting a plea deal that called for no prison time. Dharun Ravi could have been sentenced to 10 years in prison, according to the New York Times and the New Jersey […]

Senators Sessions and Grassley Question Decision to Hold 9th Circuit Conference in Maui

Maui will be hosting the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals’ annual conference this year, and two Republican U.S. Senators are questioning the wisdom of that, as the federal court system faces potential funding cuts. The court conference, set to take place in August, is booked at the Hyatt Regency Maui, the Wall Street Journal […]

More Than 2,000 Exonerations for False Convictions in the US Since 1989, New Report Says

An unprecedented report asserted today that more than 2,000 falsely convicted people of serious crimes have been exonerated in the United States in the past 23 years. In the most complete database of exonerations ever compiled, the new national registry closely examines 873 exonerations from 1989 through March 1, 2012 in close detail, of which […]

Supreme Court Rules Immigrants Can’t Avoid Deportation Based on Length of Parents’ Stay

Two immigrants who came to the United States as children have failed to persuade the U.S. Supreme Court that they should be able to use the length of their parents’ stay and legal residency here to avoid deportation for criminal offenses. Justice Elena Kagan wrote the unanimous opinion (PDF) rejecting the claims of Carlos Gutierrez, […]

Mass. Bar Task Force: Legal Education Could Take a Page from Medical Education’s Book

The Massachusetts Bar Association’s Task Force on the Law, the Economy and Underemployment released a report last week exploring the causes of and solutions for underemployment of law school graduates. The task force, made up of 12 licensed lawyers, one law student and one university pre-law adviser devoted six months to the report, titled “Beginning […]

Workers Who Drive While Using Cellphones Are Big Risks for Employers

As cellphone-related car crash rates continue to rise, so does employer liability for workers who chat and drive on the job. The National Safety Council estimates that about 1.2 million car crashes each year involve drivers talking or texting on cellphones, a statistic that also means a greater number of lawsuits aimed at corporations that […]

Florida Jurors Banned From Using Social Media to Discuss Criminal Cases

The Florida Supreme Court banned jurors from using electronic devices or social media to talk about their cases Thursday. The detailed opinion adopts the work of the court’s Committee on Standard Jury Instructions in Criminal Cases, which builds on more broad-ranged 2010 juror instructions prohibiting the use of social media, the Daily Business Review reports. […]

Court: Rights don’t have to be read to prisoners

The Supreme Court said Tuesday investigators don’t have to read Miranda rights to inmates during jailhouse interrogations about crimes unrelated to their current incarceration.

The high court, on a 6-3 vote, overturned a federal appeals court decision throwing out prison inmate Randall Lee Fields’ conviction, saying Fields was not in “custody” as defined by Miranda […]

High court to take new look at affirmative action

High court to take new look at affirmative action

The Supreme Court will once again confront the issue of race in university admissions in a case brought by a white student denied a spot at the flagship campus of the University of Texas.

The court said Tuesday it will return to the issue of […]

Celebrity Legal Cases , a different Standard?


In an examination of famous cases, some of the law’s most popular myths and legends frequently emerge. For example, when defendants like Michael Jackson claimed an alleged vendetta by a hostile prosecutor, their ammunition might miss the mark for courtroom purposes, but these are shots that can resonate like cannon fire in the press. On […]