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The List of Celebrity Bankruptcies Grows…

People are often surprised when they hear that yet another celebrity in the bankruptcy. However, the fact of the matter is that every fall victim to rising debt. Unexpected hospital bills, bad investments, a lost job, the extended recession and other unexpected expenses can each take in a coup. When mounting debt is unbearable, make the most of the people and businesses, their only hope for relief bankruptcy.

Celebrities, filed for bankruptcy

One of the most famous celebrities who have signed up is repeated for the multi-millionaire Donald Trump bankruptcy. Trump companies under Chapter 11 bankruptcy, such as restructuring, four times as submitted by the beginning of 2011. However, these failures had to reorganize and restructure the Trump company’s business processes and develop repayment plans to repay the creditors allowed only a minor impact on Mr. Trump personally. Only the first bankruptcy, when Mr. Trump personally financed the construction of the Trump Taj Mahal with high-interest junk bonds, private wealth to be affected. Mr. Trump seems to be a business strategy designed to avoid having his personal finances in jeopardy since the first bankruptcy.

Other well-known personalities, the creditor protection is sought, the following:

Nicholas Cage, actor
Stephen Baldwin, actor
Lenny Dykstra, baseball center fielder
Debbie Reynolds, actress
Kim Basinger, actress
George Foreman, boxer
Dorothy Hamill, Olympic ice skater
Willie Nelson, country singer
Thomas Jefferson, U.S, President
Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team
Kenneth Starr Company

This is just a small selection of celebrity bankruptcies, as countless movie stars, singers, famous athletes, sports associations, investors, millionaire investors, companies and others have filed for bankruptcy.

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