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Jailed Lawyer Says He Doesn’t Remember Teen Sex-Sting Guilty Plea, Seeks Do-Over

When he signed a plea agreement last year concerning a trip to Florida for the alleged purpose of helping a 14-year-old boy explore intimacy, he wasn’t in his right mind, a Maryland lawyer told a federal court in Orlando in a handwritten motion yesterday. Stressed, anxious, tearful and suicidal, he doesn’t even remember what happened, Howard Scott Kalin said in a motion seeking to vacate his plea due to what he describes as ineffective counsel, diminished mental capacity and malicious prosecution. reports the Orlando Sentinel. Pressured by his lawyer to take the plea last year, Kalin, now 48, says in…

3 comments to Jailed Lawyer Says He Doesn’t Remember Teen Sex-Sting Guilty Plea, Seeks Do-Over

  • Ellen Kalin

    We were all aware of this for many years. There were many more victims. Lives were ruined. We should have done more.

    Joan Kalin – Mother
    Mary Ann Kalin – Spouse
    Ellen Kalin – Sister
    David Miller – Cousin
    Barbara Miller – Cousin

  • Ellen Kalin

    I did not write the above. No one knew about this. Someone is cyber-harassing the family and posting malicious comments under our names, as if we didn’t have enough heartbreak over this situation.

  • Ellen Kalin

    “higher-than” was an auto-correction of the word “above”

    “irritating” was an auto-correction of “harassing”

    “disaster” was an auto-correction of “heartbreak”