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Must Read! 5 Ways to Save Your Family from Disaster

5 Ways to Save Your Family from Disaster

Fire, floods, tornadoes and hurricanes are unavoidable disasters, but you can avoid the family legal disasters that they often cause.

1. Be sure your family is cared for if the worst happens to you – have an estate plan. Every adult needs an up-to-date estate plan and will. A will insures that your assets go to who you intend them to go to and may determine guardianship of your children.

2. Be sure your family and physicians know how you want to be cared for if you are critically and permanently injured – have an advance medical directive (AMD). Also known as a “Living Will”, your AMD names the person you want to make the life or death healthcare decisions for you if you are incapacitated.

3. Do not lose the value of your home and other assets if they are destroyed – have proper insurance. Review your assets now and make sure you have the best insurance coverage that you can afford. If you rent your home or apartment, make sure you have renter’s insurance.

4. Do not make your family fumble and search for people that must be contacted in an emergency – have a thorough emergency contact list. Create a list of your most important contact information and tell your family where it is. Your list must include family doctors, utility companies, insurance carriers and your provider law firm.

5. Do not make your family fumble and search for critical documents they must have in an emergency – have a secure document depository to keep critical documents. Keep your most critical documents, including your will, insurance policies, military discharge and other important papers in a safe deposit box or secure place where they can be found in the event they are needed. Tell trusted members of your family where they are deposited.

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