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When Is The Right Time To Contact A Lawyer For Your Home, Marriage, Career Or Injury?

When Is The Right Time To Contact A Lawyer For Your Home, Marriage, Career Or Injury?

Let’s face it, there are few things in life more challenging than realizing that you need to find a lawyer. While everyone has faced a situation in which legal advice would be required, the layman’s perception of law as something complex and obscure makes them wary of approaching lawyers unless they feel it to be absolutely necessary. Sadly, this attitude often engenders a dangerous lack of awareness about the potential legal pitfalls in a given situation, leading to the very predicaments one wished to avoid.

Who Is A Lawyer?

A lawyer is a qualified legal professional who is trained in the practical application of legal tenets. Lawyers can be divided into two broad categories: those who specialize in civil cases and those who deal with criminal law.

Civil lawyers concentrate on representing and mediating between opposing parties in legal disagreements involving private citizens in noncriminal situations. Common sub-specializations of civil law include:

• Contract law – Contract law deals exclusively with the structuring and violation of contracts or legally binding agreements between two or more people.
• Family law – deals with legal relationships between family members. Commonly dealt with issues in family law include marriage contracts, divorce, child custody, adoption, wills and estate planning.

Criminal lawyers on the other hand deal with instances of misconduct, felony and unlawful activities. Their job is to defend individuals charged with committing a crime before and at trial.

When and Why Do I Need to Find A Lawyer?
Common areas of litigation include employment law, malpractice, civil rights, and specialized areas like intellectual property rights. In such cases, the lawyers act both inside the courtroom as well as outside to settle the issue to the satisfaction of their clients. Given below are five situations where contacting a lawyer can prove beneficial:

• When starting a new business venture: Legal services are an important consideration for fledgling ventures. Protecting the proprietors’ personal assets from bankruptcy or potential lawsuits against the business, handling employee contracts, copyright claims and incorporation are just a few of the legal issues that small business owners commonly face.
• Before getting married: consulting a lawyer about pre-nuptial agreement can prove beneficial. Similarly, in case of the breakdown of a marriage where one or both partners are contemplating divorce, it becomes important to find a lawyer especially if there is a chance of a potential child custody battle. It is also a good idea to consider legal advice before moving in with a partner.
• When buying, selling or remortgaging property, there are certain legal conditions to be met. Consulting a property lawyer will help make the whole process as stress-free as possible.
• While composing a last will and testament, consulting a lawyer specializing in estate law ensures that the division of assets is achieved efficiently and to the satisfaction of the benefactor.
• You are being sexually harassed or discriminated against at work or you’ve unfairly dismissed.

To conclude, professional legal advice is essential in innumerable everyday situations including family issues, employment concerns, property management and estate planning. Finding a good lawyer ensures that you face tough times with the help and support of a skilled professional.

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